About us

Craftsmanship, excellence and timelessness - these are the values that drive us at regiment.22.

We have cultivated a community of passionate fans who believe in celebrating classic creations and preserving quality items for future generations.

From cars to clothes, bikes to furniture pieces—our selection is boundless.

Our goal is not just to provide you with top-notch products but also inspire your lifestyle through their exceptional design and craftsmanship; all while reinforcing our shared ideals and legacy along the way.

For over a decade and a half, our inspiration has been drawn from flea markets around the world as well as classic machine restorations. The foundation of our restoration garage was laid in Constanta 15 years ago; what began as an avocation evolved into something much more – requiring great effort and passionate dedication.

Collectors, racers or simply lovers of fine pieces: come join us on this journey into lasting heritage!

Alice and Dragos

The story behind the brand

My grandfather Ion Caliminte was the driving force behind our brand name, regiment.22. Ion has served in Romania's anti-aircraft missile brigade "Trophaeum Traiani" for four decades – in a nutshell, he has dedicated his entire life serving Romania through his relentless military service.
I spent much of the early part of my life in admiration for his army uniforms and boiler suits, which ultimately have become a source of inspiration when establishing regiment.22.
Ion has truly passed on a legacy of character and faith. And that it’s only with sheer commitment and virtue that one can serve one’s nation so selflessly.